What the Future Holds for Self Driving Cars

What the Future Holds for Self Driving Cars

There are a lot of questions that must still be answered. What happens to the current vehicles?

There was a time we laughed at the idea of having self driving cars. Whenever the conversation about it comes up, we smirk and count it as nothing and never saw it as anything serious or capable of happening. Oh, how we have missed it. While we were busy talking down the notion and seeing it as unattainable, a lot of works were continually put into the whole process and as a result, we are only a few years from having self driving cars plying our streets and highways.

In fact, there are already self driving cars that have passed the initial test phase and have paved the way for the grand unveiling in less than a decade from now. Since we already know that the use of self driving cars are a matter of when and not if, it is important to look towards the future and consider what the future holds for self driving cars and the society at large.

What We Can Expect

In the next few years, when autonomous vehicles are the order of the day, here are some of the things we expect.

Total Overhaul of the Transport System

With the arrival of autonomous vehicles in some years from now, we expect a total overhaul of the present transport system. Since the vehicles are going to be driving themselves, there are going to be a huge shift from the current norms to accommodate the behaviors and attributes of the new self driven cars. The routes, the time involved in the trips, and every other thing that has to do with the transport system would have to be altered to accommodate the demands of the new vehicles.

Transport Business Would Be Bigger

When the self driving cars arrive, the transport business would likely be much bigger than it is now. The truth is a lot of people would not fancy owning a car when they know they can’t drive it. Folks would likely prefer using commercial self driven cars for their trips and outings. This would lead to a lot of firms investing in self driven cars to cater for the transport needs of individuals at all times.

Cars Would Be Similar to iphones and Smartphones

The cars and vehicles that we would be seeing would have a lot of use and be as sophisticated as the iPhones and smartphones we currently have now. Don’t be surprised to see a car that collects data, makes phone calls, arranges meetings, and do all sort of smart things once we have self driving cars. Just like the smart phones, the cars we would be having soon would be smart, multipurpose and capable of taking all sorts of commands.

There Would Be More Time For Leisure

A lot of us don’t realize how much time is spent behind the wheels daily. People spend quite a lot of time behind the wheels trying to take care of one need or the other. Either you are getting the grocery, taking the kids to school, going on a picnic, etc.  A lot of our time is spent driving around the town to sort all these things. With the arrival of self driving cars in a few years from now, we won’t have to do all of those things again as the cars would drive themselves and would deliver whatever you want them to with only a command. This leaves us with a lot of more time than we are used to. To make use of these potential times, it is very likely we would resort to a lot more leisure than we are used to. Folks who probably don’t go to games or picnics on weekends in the past might probably want to go, else, how are they going to spend all the free time?

They Would Face a Lot of Resistance Initially

We all love technological advancements and love to see new innovations. Whilst this is true, it is not always so. We are sometimes immersed in our current situation that we would tend to kick at a new innovation that tends to disrupt the whole equilibrium. This is why we foresee a situation where self driving cars would meet a lot of resistance at the initial stage. There are a lot of questions that must still be answered. What happens to the current vehicles? Would people just be willing to forego the ways they are used to and have gotten very comfortable with just for changing sake? All of these questions would come up at the initial stage and form the basis for resistance to the self driving cars.

Self driving cars are only a few years from here and from what we have heard and seen so far it promises to be another great innovation. What must be addressed though are some of the questions still surrounding their overall relevance. People would want to know if this truly has the interest of humanity at its core, or it is just another way some aristocrats want to use in exerting their supremacy and influence.