Top 5 US Winter Destinations in 2018

Top 5 US Winter Destinations in 2018

Few travel experiences can compare to a road trip and this is certainly true on the western coastline of America.

Top 5 US Winter Destinations in 2018

Although many Americans choose to fly abroad at this time of year, there are many exciting US winter destinations waiting to be explored. True, the weather may not be as warm or appealing but the truth is, the travel experiences in this part of the world are just as rewarding. Most importantly, they offer something different and after keeping to a routine these past few months, we could all do with a little more adventure, right?

With this in mind, here are the top 5 US Winter Destinations in 2018:

Top 5 Winter Destinations in 2018


  1. Key West, Florida


Key West is one of the most notorious travel destinations on the east coast of the United States. Located in the heart of Florida, the region receives a healthy dose of sunshine year round and temperatures in excess of 70 degrees on a good day. At the same time, there is much more to Key West than the favorable weather and easy to reach location.

If you like to venture out after dark, Duval Street has a reputation for lively bars and fine restaurants. Sloppy Joe’s is a good example where a down to earth vibe never fails to impress locals and tourists alike. Meanwhile, Hogfish Grill serves up some of the finest seafood on the coast and “Better than Sex” is possibly the most unique dessert experience you can hope to enjoy with a partner.

Aside from Duval Street, Mallory Square is a bustling plaza with even more eateries and shops. If you yearn for culture, Fort Zachary provides an insight into life before the Civil War and you can visit the home of Ernest Hemingway which is now classed a walk-in museum.

On the other hand, maybe you want to keep it lighthearted, in which case Smathers Beach or Higgs Beach are both ideal spots to spend the afternoon. Afterward, you can pay a visit to the Key West Aquarium and take a stroll amidst the endless stores on Caroline Street. Either way, Key West is an all year destination with enough fine food, interesting museums and energetic bars to keep you entertained!

Key West is a recommended destination for couples or groups of friends who seek fine weather.
  1. Magic Mountain Ski Resort

Most Americans travel south in the winter months and who can blame them? After all, many North Americans are subjected to brutally harsh weather at this time a year and sometimes enough is enough. However, for those interested in skiing or snowboarding and for anyone looking for a little adventure on their vacation, the Magic Mountain Ski Area in Vermont is a real gem.

Located in the state of New England, this beautiful ski resort is the prefect US winter destination and was initially built back in the 1960’s. Surrounded by dense forest and endless snow covered canopies, the resort is unique and quite old fashioned. That is to say; modern ski resorts tend to demolish their immediate surroundings in order to create more space for more people. However, Magic Mountain has remained true to the original construction and can feel a lot more personal to the visitor for this reason.

When you visit the ski resorts in most winter destinations, you can also expect quite lengthy lineups for the ski lifts or other attractions. At Magic Mountain, the small crowds ensure this is never the case and this also makes the skiing a lot less intimidating for beginners.

As for the accommodation, you should find everything you need for a memorable winter vacation. Magic Mountain is also home to many excellent restaurants. Red Slate it the New American Grill are ideal for barbecue food and meat eaters while Solo keeps things classy with a much more upscale interior and variety of food.

That being said, Vermont is probably best known for keeping things local and the tavern at the ski resort means that you never really need to leave this idyllic spot in the mountains. For adventure, mountains and a local atmosphere; Magic Mountain in Vermont is a US winter destination without the crowds.

Magic Mountain is recommended for ski enthusiasts and anyone that doesn’t mind the cold.
  1. Memphis, Tennessee

Although Memphis is the home of Elvis and a pilgrimage for admirers of Martin Luther King, this is also an incredibly fun winter destination with worthwhile attractions. Sure, it may not be the warmest place to go on vacation but the food, bars and variety of things to do is unrivaled. On top of that, winter months are the quietest time in Memphis which allows visitors to avoid the crowds and long lineups that tend to form at popular restaurants.

As you may know, the south is famous for deep fried chicken and food in general. Whether you opt for a straightforward barbecue or something a little more home style, the flavors stand out on every occasion. There is no end to the unforgettable eateries wither, from Central Barbecue and the Soul Fish Café to the legendary wings at Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken.

That being said, Memphis is still the origin of Rock’n’Roll in the United States and you will find almost every bar has a musical tribute of some kind. Wild Bills, Tin Roof and the Rum Boogie Café are just a few of the names but the truth is, anywhere in Memphis is a good place to be after dark.

You will find a range of attractions in town outside of the music scene such as the National Rights Museum, Memphis Zoo and even the City Tasting Tours. However, there is no denying that the main draw are the music-related landmarks such as Graceland, Sun City Studios and B.B Kings Bar on Beale Street. Indeed, Memphis is a US winter destination with a difference.

Memphis is recommended for culture culture, foodies and music lovers.
  1. Hawaii, United States

When most people think of the United States, Hawaii is rarely at the forefront of their mind. On the other hand, given the close proximity, anyone living on the west coast of America has likely considered a trip to Hawaii. After all, flights to Hawaii are a lot less expensive from Los Angeles, San Francisco or anywhere in this part of the US.

Featuring five stunning islands and tropical weather throughout the year, Hawaii is a reliable US winter destination which offers the perfect mix of sightseeing, food, accommodation and warm weather. That being said, which island do you visit?

Kauai Island – Kauai is blessed with rugged landscapes and luscious natural surroundings. If you want to get out and explore the outdoors, this might be the island for you. Koke State Park has many hiking trails, Wailua Falls is absolutely stunning and Poipu Beach is one of the finest stretches of sand you will ever encounter.

Maui Island – The most famous of all the islands, Maui is known to have some of the best beaches in the world. However, you can also visit the ancient town of Lahaina for culture and travel the Road to Hana for an unforgettable road trip.

Big Island – Big Island is indeed the largest island and known for sheer diversity. You will find rugged cliffs, snow capped peaks, rainforests and even beaches all within easy reach of each other.

Oahu Island – Oahu is where you will find Honolulu and a very population centre. Waikiki Beach is also world famous but in truth, if time is limited, the other islands may be better for a relaxing winter break.

Hawaii is recommended for people who like to combine outdoor adventures with relaxation.
  1. Astoria, Oregon

Few travel experiences can compare to a road trip and this is certainly true on the western coastline of America. More specifically, the coastline of Oregon is wild and beautiful but also home to an infamous town called Astoria.

Highway 101 seems like a perfectly apt name for the road that traces the coast. After all, there are hidden coves, quaint towns and winding roads through stunning scenery throughout. That being said, the fact that the Pacific Northwest is so strikingly beautiful is no secret and the real beauty of this road trip is the time of year. That is to say; driving the Highway 101 during winter is the perfect way to witness majestic beauty when the masses are headed for Cancun and Aruba.

Bowpicker and Bridgewater Bistro are two examples of eateries where fine food is favored by the locals. However, there is something for every taste in Astoria and the Buoy Beer Company is one of the more unique ideas in this respect. When it comes to attractions, there are also many things to do in Astoria with Museum de Whimsy and the Oscar de Masi Art Studio offering a cultural insight into the town.

Parks are also common and the town is well known for having impressive aesthetics while Cannon Beach offers the ideal getaway just outside of town. In case you might be asking yourself, Cannon Beach was the scene for a famous movie called the Goonies and regardless of the weather, this is a breathtaking environment to visit in the region. In short, the Oregon coastline is an adventure to remember and the town of Astoria is the perfect hub from which to start exploring this iconic coastline in winter.

Astoria is recommended for adventure seekers and anyone yearning for a road trip.

What have we missed? Where do you recommend for US winter destinations? Please let us know in the comments!