Top 10 Smart Phones For Your Budget In 2018

Top 10 Smart Phones For Your Budget In 2018

Why spend over $1000 on a phone? Here are some sensible alternatives

Are you looking for best budget smartphones to buy in 2018? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then you’ve come to the right place. Not everyone can afford flagship phones from reputable brands like Samsung, Apple, Sony, and others, but the good news is that many cheaper devices have similar features and can give you a satisfying experience.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 smartphones for your budget in 2018, so you can enjoy flagship features in hardware at an affordable price. Let’s take a look at the budget smartphones.

Moto G6 Play: The Moto G6 is a budget phone that gives you the basic features you want and some extra at an affordable price. You can get more out of it than its other G6 phones no thanks to its better battery life of 4000mAh and its dual sensor camera of 13MP and 8MP to get your creativity flowing. It sports a fingerprint sensor, an 18:9 display and also places a high priority on a speed at 1.8GHz Octa-Core processor to give you all the speed you want. The downside of the Moto G6 Play is that it doesn’t come with a micro-USB, but that is forgivable going by its strengths.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro: Having built its reputation over time as a brand that offers premium features for incredibly low-end prices, there are many reasons why this device makes a list. It comes with a 19:9 Full-HD+ display and Android One operating system which means guaranteed updates. Its in-built storage space is 64GB with a slot for microSD card of up to 256GB without sacrificing dual-SIM support. It boasts of strong battery life of 4,000mAh and a durable body with an efficient and non-slippery grip. Its camera package is also top notch with a powerful HDR camera mode for detailed pictures. If you’re looking to get a budget smartphone with really cool features, the Redmi 6 Pro is an excellent buy.

Samsung Galaxy A8: Samsung Galaxy A8 is a mini version of the S8 which means it also comes with some flagship design and specs at a cheaper price. One of the pros of the Galaxy A8 is that it has a glass back which makes it feel lighter in hand than the S8. Its camera package of 16MP and 8MP (both back and front respectively) is also impressive with an option of doing Auto HDR for video recording. Coupled with its own powerful Exynos 7885 processor, super-AMOLED screen and a 4GB RAM, the A8 is a mid-range device to buy. However, the cost savings are evident in some of its features like its 3,000mAh battery strength which is about average for smartphones, in general, these days.

Honor Play: If you want the best gaming experience without having to break the bank, the Honor Play is the smartphone you want to buy. Honor Play packs the fast Krin 970 CPU, a large 6.3-inch display, a 4 GB RAM and a 7,750mAh which makes it a choice mobile gaming powerhouse.  Its in-built GPU Turbo tech and immersive 7.1 Histen audio mean that games can run flawlessly too. Although Honor Play was pitched as a mobile gaming device, it is one of the best value phones on the market because of its price and other features. With this smartphone, you will probably wonder why anyone would spend more on a flagship when they can get the most similar features at a cheaper price.

Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom: The Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is an amazing piece of technology that packs a massive 5000mAh which can last two days (on average) on a single charge. The Zenfone uses 35 percent less power than necessary due to a power-saving technology called Fin Field Effect Transistors. Its features are also incredibly mouth-watering for its price like its Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB RAM and 32 GB inbuilt storage which can be expanded to 2TB. The camera package is also outstanding as Zenfone boats of a 13MP front camera and a 12MP rear camera to give detailed pictures and 4K UHD recording.

Honor 8X: Delivering a big, bright 6.5-inch LCD 19.5:9 aspect ratio screen, Honor 8X is a superb smartphone designed specifically for the user’s comfort. One of its attractive points is its gorgeous, shimmering glass back which gives it a modern and appealing look. The device houses a 20MP camera sensor and offers several advanced features like facial recognition. All these coupled with its glass and metal build as well as a competitive 3,750mAh battery makes Honor 8X a fabulous all-around Android phone.

ZTE Axon 7 Mini: A combination of great hardware and affordable pricing, the ZTE Axon 7 Mini features a 5.2” display, a 2.5 GHz of speed, Snapdragon 617 processor and 3GB to keep your apps running well. What’s more, there enough battery juice to power this smartphone up to 15 hours of talk time. Additionally, its sleek and attractive aluminum design, easy-to-reach fingerprint sensor, 16MP camera, 32GB inbuilt memory, and ergonomic feel give the Axon 7 Mini extra points on comfort. No doubt, the ZTE Axon 7 Mini is premium hardware but with an affordable price tag.

HTC U12 Plus: After the success of its mid-range phone, the U11 Life, HTC has released a follow-up which is quite different. The 6.0-inches smartphone sports a Snapdragon 845 and a 3,500mAh which may not be exciting but is reported to last for one day on a single charge. The U12 Plus features a quad camera comprising 2 dual rear cameras of 12MP + 16 MP and 2 dual front cameras of 8MP + 8MP. It has a 3D glass body build and features 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The U12 Plus is not a perfect smartphone, but it sure has decent specs that are worth its pricing.

LG Q6: Another quality budget phone you can get in the market, LG’s Q6 is an excellent smartphone with great features but without a great price. The 5.5-inches phone is powered by LG’s Full Vision tech and features a stunning QHD + IPS display that gives an 18:9 aspect ratio. Its camera package is exceptional and comes with some trending software features related to cameras like GIF mode and food mode. The LG Q6 has a metal body build which has been praised for its durability and also features Snapdragon 435 alongside with a 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage (expandable up to 2TB). If you’re in the market to buy a budget phone, LG Q6 makes for a quality choice.


Sony XA1: If picture quality is one of your biggest needs in a smartphone, the Sony XA1 has something special for you. The XA1 rear camera boasts of an astonishing 23MP of resolution; a rare feature can give some mid-range DSRL cameras a run for their money. You can also take pictures under low light conditions and enjoy several other unrivaled specs from a photo perspective. Its MTK Helio P20 Octa-Core processor clocks an amazing 2.4 GHz to give you all the speed you can desire, plus you can also add 256GB external storage space to its 16GB inbuilt of in-built memory.  So, if you want a high-end phone with a high-end camera but with a budget-end price, Sony XA1 is the top option to consider.