Top 10 Netflix Shows To Watch This Season

Top 10 Netflix Shows To Watch This Season

The best Netflix shows you definitely should watch this season.

If you follow Netflix, then the fact that it is a platform highly reputed for having a great wealth of terrific movies and shows that could keep you occupied and entertained for days or even weeks without ending shouldn’t be new to you. Netflix offers a vast mix of current, classic and original programming that would sure keep you entertained all year round. Unavoidably though, there are a couple of mediocre or not too great shows/movies on Netflix which you might not want to waste your time watching, and with the very many content it boasts of, selecting that perfectly great show for you might become quite a task. So, we have selected for you in this article, the top 10 best Netflix shows you definitely should watch this season.

Breaking Bad: Breaking Bad is one of the trendy Netflix shows you can not afford to miss. The show is centered on the story of a high school chemistry teacher by the name, Walter White whose character was played by Bryan Cranston. White was diagnosed with a late stage lung cancer and did not have much more time to live. He tries to secure his family’s finances before he dies by using his background in chemistry to cook and deal premium blue meth, partnering with a former student named Jesse Pinkman whose character was played by Aaron Paul. Breaking Bad is an amazingly interesting show centered on moral consequences and family issues.

Mad Men: Mad Men is another interesting Netflix show that is worth seeing. Set in the New York of the 60’s, the story follows one of the most prestigious advertising agencies ever known to the city which was trying to survive in a time when the advertising industry was going through a quite radical shake-up. The show is a fascinating work of art that tells the story of Don Draper whose character was played by Jon Hamm and Peggy Olson played by Elizabeth Moss who both faces the challenge of maintaining their advertising career even in the face of the revolution in the industry.

Peaky Blinders: Peaky Blinders is a crime drama that is set in the aftermath of the first world war. The series centers on the story of a British crime family known as the Shelbys. Cilian Murphy who plays the character of Tummy Shelby returns from war and starts off the task of trying to expand the family’s control over Birmingham. In the process, he steals a shipment of guns for his gang. The show follows the journey of Tummy and his gang as they climb the world ladder, locking heads with the government and other crime families.

Mind Hunters: this show follows the story of Agent Holden Ford played by Jonathan Groff and Behavioral Science Unit Agent, Bill Tench played by Holt McCallanywho both travels around the country, getting interviews from imprisoned serial killers in an attempt to understand what pushes them with the hope of a more complicated and unfamiliar kind of criminal case: the serial killer. The show is as intriguing as it is interesting, you should watch it.

Alias Grace: Alias Grace is a show based on a novel written by Margaret  Atwood about a story of Grace Marks whose role is played by Sarah Gadon. She is serving a sentence for murder and Dr. Simon Jordan played by Edward Holcroft who is to interview Grace and with hope, discover a truth that will absolve her.

Better Call Saul: This show is a sequel to Breaking Bad that takes it’s fans back to the New Mexico desert to discover the original story of Saul Goodman as an inspiring lawyer whom it seems couldn’t keep his hands clean before he went on to become the quirky, and crooked lawyer he is known as in Breaking Bad.

The Returned: This is a French Supernatural thriller about a small mountain town who have been experiencing rather strange occurrences with the deceased people of the town who keep on returning to life and trying to settle back into the city while the people around them are trying hard to figure out what is happening.

The West Wing: This show tells the story of a fictional president, Jed Bartlett whose character was played by Martin Sheen and his staff as they battle many personal and political challenges through his two terms in office as president. The show is arguably the best of all times when it comes to political drama.

Rectify: Rectify is a series built around the life of Daniel Holding. A young man who was sentenced to death row as a teenager for the murder and rape of his sixteen-year-old girlfriend. However, having stayed in jail for nineteen years, new evidence surfaces to prove his innocence. Holden returns home in his late 30s and attempts to blend in once again into his family and former relationships.

Maniac: Maniac is a classical example that series do not have to run for multiple seasons to be recognized as a success. With only just ten episodes and a huge likelihood of not making a return with a second part in about one year at least. The show which focuses on the lives of Annie Landsberg and Owen Milgrim who became entangled when they signed up for a pharmaceutical trial can be adjourned as a success even in its limited series.

The shows listed in this article are some of the best shows on Netflix that you should definitely see because they will keep you at the edge of your seat every step of the way and keep you entertained in more ways than one.