Jenessa’s Top 10 Fall Activities

Jenessa’s Top 10 Fall Activities

At this time I like to remember to allow old habits to die and to move forward with change. Each stage of the seasons is amazingly beautiful.

Top 10s give me angst

because in many ways the writer is telling the reader what should seemingly be attracted to through their list of things, but in many ways, top 10s can lead you a discovery of fun exciting things you have never tried or done before. So without further ado here is my top 10 favorite fall activities.  I should also add that as a Scorpion and an autumn baby this is my favorite time of year. Please feel free to share with me your top favorites below so we can all try and do all of the things together!

Going out to eat – This may not seem like an activity to some people, but to me, eating is absolutely an activity.  There is something about dining out in the fall. The weather begins to cool down and menus often have a lot of cool weather specialties.  I love fall flavors. As basic as it may sound, pumpkin spice comes back with a vengeance and I live for it. However, I will say this, not all pumpkin spice dishes or coffees are created equal.  My go-to morning drink is a Chai latte from Starbucks with one or two pumps of pumpkin. The hint of pumpkin without being too overpowering is really delicious. If you like chia and pumpkin, I encourage you to try this.

Apple and Pumpkin picking – Basic I know, but this is a really fun fall activity because apple and pumpkin patches really feel like fall.  This is fun to do with your kids, with your lover, with your friends, with whoever wants to go. You can make some delicious meals and pies. Plus for me, being outdoors and surrounded by the turning leaves is incredibly spectacular.  Even though the leaves are in fact dying, the changing of the colors right before they fall signifies new beginnings and change. To me, this is so symbolic. At this time I like to remember to allow old habits to die and to move forward with change.  Each stage of the seasons is amazingly beautiful.

Decorating – When autumn rolls around it is time to begin to whip out those decorations.  Fall reminds me of the start of the holidays (the first being Halloween, which also happens to be when I celebrate my birthday even though I was born the evening prior.)  I love decorating. To me, decorated homes feel warm and cozy. They signify family and happy times. If the fall I get out all of my fun pillows and fuzzy blankets. It is the start of a warm and welcoming season.

Horseback riding – This one ties back to nature and the outdoors.  I really love animals and horseback riding is a fun activity where you can really bond with the animals and experience the beauty of nature.  It is relaxing and thrilling. Again it is a fun activity with the family, with a lover or with friends.

Haunted Anything – I mean you can’t experience autumn without a haunted house or a haunted hayride.  Since Halloween truly kicks off the fall season it is only fitting to celebrate in one of the most fun ways ever – by scaring the pants off of yourself of course!  Watch some scary movies! It is October and ABC family has 31 Days of Halloween this year. No excuses! Get your Hocus Pocus On!

Baking – I LOVE to cook, but more than cooking I love to bake.  After all of that Apple and pumpkin picking, it is time to come home, grab your spices and make some delicious baked goods.  One of my absolute personal fall favorite classics is a bourbon pecan pie. I use a recipe that I have been using from Paula Deen in my home for years and everyone always goes crazy over it.  If you are counting calories, I suggest you close your eyes and don’t even bother to look! Just eat the pie.

Dinner parties – So obviously I said I enjoy cooking.  Most people get together with the family for Thanksgiving, but I always love to host a little something special for my friends where we cook and get together.  It is basically all of the holidays thrown into one. I fondly call it Friendsgivingchristmukkah. Dinner parties with friends are a fun way to show off your cooking and decorating skills, but also to do just that celebrate your beautiful friends.  Show them the gratitude you have for them throughout the year. As you get older sometimes it can be a lot harder to spend time with friends as often between jobs, families, etc, so to have a little event that really brings you all together in a warm setting with food, games, and more is really sweet.  

Board games – This is one I think people don’t do enough of.  We are so addicted to our cell phones and to social media. But as the weather gets cooler and people spend more and more time in the house, I think board games are a really fun indoor activity.  Not only do they bring people together through laughter and fun, but a lot of them encourage you to use your brain, and critical thinking or memory skills to win. Overall I think more people should break out their old board games and play!

Explore your city – I happen to be from New York, the city that never sleeps, so there is always something to do here.  I feel like every city has something special to offer. If you have never been a tourist in your own city when the cool weather hits I encourage you to get out and do so.  Visit museums you don’t often get to. Go see a show. Find out what activities are going on in your area. Try a new restaurant, lounge, or bar. Paint and sips are incredibly fun this time of year.  Try everything. Take up a new hobby for the fall/winter season.

Try something you have never done – Fall is about new beginnings – the old dying and getting ready for the winter before the rebirth of spring.  If you are feeling stagnant, like you never do anything fun or cool, then do something about it. It doesn’t have to be anything on this list, but go try something you have always wanted to do, especially if it is something you have been afraid to do.  Heck, start a new business. Allow your fears to die so your dreams can flourish.