How Modern Technology Has Affected The Coffee Industry

How Modern Technology Has Affected The Coffee Industry

Here are six ways in which technology is currently changing the coffee industry in all parts of the world.

Since its inception, coffee has become one of the most consumed beverages around the globe. Coffee plants are cultivated and brewed in more than 70 countries in the world; this makes it a valuable export commodity for most of Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Half the population in America drinks as well as uses coffee on a daily basis as a diary or beverage. A lot of people cannot entirely kick off their day without a cup of invigorating and piping hot coffee, to them, this is just the perfect way to start off, as it keeps the body energetic throughout the day. To the ardent coffee drinker, there is no specific time for the consumption of coffee.
The coffee plant is a small, evergreen tree that is placed in plantations. Almost everything about the coffee bean, from growing to processing and brewing requires a high level of expertise, especially during its growing process. However, with the recent advancements in technologies, coffee production, harvesting, brewing, and sales have become much easier.

Here are six ways in which technology is currently changing the coffee industry in all parts of the world.


New technological advancement has led to a high increase in the number of coffee farmers who are tech-savvy. Coffee production is no longer seen as a dirty business that can only be done by illiterate farmers. A lot of apps which can be used to record coffee production data has been invented, these apps in turn, helps to improve coffee quality and optimize labor. Also, educated coffee farmers now make use of social media marketing to find buyers for their product and quickly facilitate direct trade.


Another way in which digital technology is changing the coffee industry is by enabling the barista to be more consistent. One thing that is paramount in building a high client base in the coffee industry is consistency, the use of smart kettles, app assisted manual brewer, and connected scales is making it easy for coffee firms to brew a consistent taste of coffee and also delivery very fast. In the past manual coffee, manual brewing makes it challenging to serve one cup of coffee at a time. At present, with apps like Lunar, coffee shops can now track multiple brew devices and measure their level of consistency.


In the past, one area that has severely affected coffee production especially during flowering and fruition stage is water shortage and insufficient rainfall. However, there are modern irrigation methods that make it possible for tech-savvy coffee farmers to monitor and reduce how much water is used on a coffee farm. This method helps in improving product quality, saving water reserves and reducing wasted crops.


In the past, coffee production is seen as an isolated work. However, technology has modernized the way coffee producers communicate and relate to each other. Using the internet, tech-savvy coffee farmers can connect with each other across different continents, regions, countries, and states. With this smooth flow of communication between coffee producers, an extensive records of knowledge is created. Coffee farmers now have time to provide feedback and suggest new solutions to their problems. Young coffee farmers can even create Social Media Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to grow their business and connects to clients in various parts of the world.


Major coffee producers in the United States, Starbuck was the first coffee firm to start making use of Appleโ€™s iBeacon technology in its coffee store; the technology helps to send information about freshly brewed coffee to Starbuck customers. It makes use of short-range and low energy Bluetooth transmitter to send alert to mobile devices. When a consumer walks into a coffee store, the store beacon will inform the consumers on the coffee specialty available at the moment, the discount and coupons to be used. This technology is already influencing and making thousands of people purchase more coffee products from retailers.


A lot of coffee retailers are currently making use of various messaging apps to market their products. Studies show that the messaging app market has grown by 103% and about 2.5 billion people are currently registered in at least one of the apps. The messaging apps give users the opportunity to send a message to their favorite coffee store to start preparing their specialty while they are still on their way to the coffee shop. For most coffee stores message based ordering and SMS marketing have been a successful marketing tool that has grown their clientele base, it also helps them connect with their clients faster. Finally, a lot of people have argued that the advancement in technology is severely affecting the ritual, sociability and the craft of coffee. Although innovations come with a price, the path to it is creating a society field with tech-savvy coffee farmers.