So today, ask yourself this question – “What inspires me?”

So today, ask yourself this question – “What inspires me?”

This is why it is so important to remember your “why”, and your “I” story.

“What inspires me?”

This topic came to me because as a woman in business I know how hard things can get sometimes, and how easy it is to fall off course.  I know this because quite recently I found myself totally off course.

As someone who quit a steady job with a steady paycheck to work at home and do the unknown many times, I realize how stressful things can be when life knocks you down.  When you have a steady paycheck or somewhere to be, you tend to show up because “you have to.” At the end of the day if you don’t show up enough times you will lose your job.  We humans tend to mentally pay attention to things like this, so we get our stuff together.

However, when you are your own boss, and the office is your room, it can get a little more difficult to “show up”.  It is so much harder when you are going through tough issues to keep going. If you don’t find your motivation, you may find yourself lying in bed with a box of doughnuts, crying at your Netflix account.  

This is why it is so important to remember your “why”, and your “I” story.  What is your story? Why do you want to be an entrepreneur and what exactly does that mean to you?

Ask yourself these three questions:

Who am I?  

Who do I want to be?  

What drives, and motivates me internally?  

Recently, I had an epiphany.  I had allowed myself sulk for a little while and fallen completely off track, and then it hit me.  Who was I hurting? When I looked in the mirror the only person hurt from my lack of motivation was me.  But I wasn’t lacking motivation, what I was truly lacking was inspiration. How was I going to become inspired again?

I believe we create our own reality.  If this is true everything, both good and bad that happens to you is your fault, and everything you manifest in your life serves a purpose.  It is either a blessing or a lesson. I started to take the things in my life that felt like they were there to hurt me as lessons. What good could I find in every seemingly negative situation?  All of a sudden I began to see positivity all around me right down to the guy I met that I had a super crush on, but it didn’t work out. He happened to be a photographer and while it really didn’t last (believe me it barely started) I realized something.  He ignited something in me, the reminder that I loved editing. That was the whole reason I met him – to be inspired. Had we not met, I wouldn’t have edited a ton of photos for him simply because I genuinely missed editing. And had I not done that I wouldn’t have reached out to other photographers in my network to see if they needed an editor.  And had I not done that I wouldn’t have one of the most amazing partnerships I have ever had with a former friend’s wedding photographer.

I started getting on my phone, and booking appointments, and networking.  The best part was that as soon as I started putting in the work again, the universe also got on board too. My phone started ringing, my inbox was dinging.  I could feel my happiness from the inside out. The sun started looking a little brighter, and I found myself waking up a little earlier. Nothing else really mattered as much.

My career is my happy place.  I love being a makeup artist and a graphic artist, and working in photography assisting.  I also love being a beauty and wellness consultant. And even more than all of those, I love teaching other women how to let go of their fears and become their own bosses, and build their own dreams.  

Getting to work with so many women and seeing their reaction to themselves when they learn a little something new about beauty is really a fun experience.  I get to see them have that extra little pep in their step, and it brings me one of the biggest joys.

At the end of the day, find your niche and find your what and you’re why.  It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an entrepreneur, or a store clerk, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or a janitor, etc.  It only matters that whatever you do, no matter what it is, that you do it with passion and drive.

So today, ask yourself this question – “What inspires me?”

Then go out, and do something about making your dreams a reality.