7 Insightful Travel Tips that Actually Deserve Your Attention

7 Insightful Travel Tips that Actually Deserve Your Attention

While the language may be somewhat of a barrier, expressing respect is a subtle gesture that can get you a long way.

Let’s be honest; travel tips are common but they are often something we also ignore. That is to say, it can be so easy to get caught up in the excitement that we focus on the fun side of travel and forget about even the most basic factors that have a direct impact on the enjoyment of a trip.

With this in mind, here are 7 insightful travel tips to consider before your next adventure:

7 Insightful Travel Tips that Actually Deserve Your Attention



  1. Pack Light and Know that Weight Matters

Most people try to cut down on the up front cost of travel which usually includes the backpack, clothing and other travel accessories. However, if travelling for an extended period, weigh is important. After all, you need to carry this weight around for the rest of the month or even the best part of a year. For this reason, you should absolutely look to pack light and make every effort to avoid carrying any unecessary items.

Backpacking Tip: Check out some websites for “ultralight hiking”. You should find that these hikers are very knowledgeable in terms of the best and most affordable equipment for lightweight travel.
  1. Budget Well But Don’t Be Cheap

You have every right, and you are absolutely right, to be frugal when you travel. However, there is a big difference between frugal and cheap, with the last of these being incredibly rude. For example, if you visit a country where barter or haggling is common, you should know that the objective is not to “get one over” on the shopkeeper. Unfortunately, this is common in third world countries where tourists fail to realize that they are strangling much needed funds from a desperate local.

Also, use common sense and make a point of spending your money wisely. Stay at hostels, walk instead of taking taxis, avoid eating out every night and check out the free attractions.

Backpacking Tip: Research and know the prices before you travel. That way, you can negotiate and get a fair price without causing offense.
  1. Expect and Respect Differences

One of the most challenging aspects of travel is often the culture shock that visitors can experience in a new country. Sometimes this is due to the scenery or language barriers but in most cases, there are simply differences in culture and opinions in general.

With this in mind, it’s important to know that every travel destination and culture is different. While the language may be somewhat of a barrier, expressing respect is a subtle gesture that can get you a long way. That being said, sometimes it’s more important to know the local traditions and avoid any potential controversy or disrespect.

In case you might be asking yourself, this can refer to your dress sense or demeanor in a particular destination. For example, in many Muslim countries, both men and women are required to wear long trousers at all times. Anything less, such as shorts, is considered an offense and disrespectful.

Backpacking Tip: It’s not important as to the nature of these differences; rather that we should always expect that these differences exist and do our utmost to respect them.
  1. You Can Never Plan Enough

Contrary to popular belief, you can never enough. Sure, if you follow through with every last detail of your travel plans but the truth is, effective planning is key to a successful trip.

For example, traveling at a certain time of year could mean that you avoid nasty weather or unwanted tourist crowds. If you know where you are going at all times, you can also avoid ending up in the wrong side of town. Likewise, proper research can help you avoid the busy or frustrating tourist traps and having a schedule, will ensure that you do not miss out on anything important.

At the same time, planning and research will mean that you don’t waste time and feel confident for the duration of the trip.

Backpacking Tip: Download offline maps and place pins on focal points around each destination. When you arrive, these will help give you a decent orientation of the town or city.
  1. Be Flexible and Embrace Uncertainty

Most first time travelers purchase a round the world ticket with set dates and a specific direction. In some cases, this can work out really well and help the person in question save money. However, quite often, this also restricts your travel plans and can have a negative impact on your travel plans when you hit the road.

After all, if you have set dates, you are less flexible when it comes to extending your stay somewhere or deciding on an alternative destination. Further, most backpackers will meet people/friends along the way and without flexibility, it’s usually impossible to link up with them for longer than a few days. Sure, this will cost more than a set flight itinerary but really, the flexibility is priceless.

Backpacking Tip: Budget for extra/unplanned flights and expect to use them.
  1. Get Travel Insurance and Plan for the Unexpected

Did you know that medical evacuation can cost more than US$100,000?

Whatever you do, try not to underestimate the importance of travel insurance. You may not plan to be hurt or injured and you might be super careful with your possessions on the road but simply put, you never expect the unexpected. In fact, the statistics say everything you need to know and the masses can’t be fooled -w $2 billion worth of travel insurance aas  purchased in the United States last year.

Backpacking Tip:  Even your parents won’t be able to foot this bill – buy travel insurance.
  1. Lower Expectations and Be Patient

Many third world or non-western countries are obviously a little behind in some areas. Whether this relates to customer service, transport systems or infrastructure, it usually means that things work a little differently.

With this in mind, it’s important to manage, and sometimes drop, expectations. If a bus is late, be grateful when it arrives. When food is not to your liking, smile and put it down to experience. And if you disapprove of the way something is being done, remember that “you don’t need to sign up for that class”. Deploying patience will greatly enhance your trip and if you can lower your expectations, there will be no end of surprises.

Backpacking Tip: Take a good book with you and make the most of any delays you might encounter.


Taking Responsibility for the Enjoyment of Your Trip

As you know, there are many more tips that can help you stay safe and enjoy your travels. For example, take an emergency bank card with you and have a copy of your passort at all times or dress modestly and carry small change in busy areas rather than a fancy wallet and trendy clothes.

However, with all of these tips and precautions, there is always a common requirement for the traveler to take responsibility. And if you can take responsibility for everything that happens when you travel, you are always in control. In other words, if you are taking responsibility, you are also paying attention and in a world with so many difference and so much beauty, this can only be a good thing!