5 Steps to Building Brand and Authority on Instagram

5 Steps to Building Brand and Authority on Instagram

Give them a reason to spend some extra time on your profile as studies indicate that most users have little on-page time.

Instagram is a fast growing social media platform with lots of potentials that brands can leverage. The company hit the 1 billion users’ milestone in June 2018 and now boasts of over 500 million daily users making it a digital arsenal for brands.

Since change is constant and so many social media channels are currently going through some upgrades. It is critical to make sure your knowledge of how Instagram works is not only current but can also deliver the desired result.

Here are some of the most effective ways to build your social media presence and brand authority.

Develop your Instagram strategy – One of the things you want to avoid is using Instagram without a clear strategy that maps out ways to achieve your objectives. Random actions produce inconsistent results. An Instagram strategy helps you take coordinated actions with a view towards hitting specific targets.

Here are the essentials of a results-driven strategy:

  • Goals: Some people aim for email list growth, website clicks, brand visibility or more sales.
  • Target Audience: Since your product or service is not for everyone, it makes perfect sense to define the audience you’re devoting your efforts to reach.
  • Competitor strategy: Do a quick research on the social media profiles of your competitors to see what’s giving them an edge in your niche.
  • Content strategy: A good content strategy includes what you should post, when to post it and how to boost engagement. An unplanned content publishing seldom drives engagement.
  • Analysis: You need to evaluate your marketing efforts for effectiveness, so you might want to track your content engagement, reach, traffic and other metrics.

Determine the image you want to project using style and theme – How do you want your audience to perceive your brand and how do you want them to feel when they visit your profile? Most users form their opinions about an account via the tone, feel and mood of the profile. As it is commonly said, “perception is reality”; so you want to positively shape the perception of your potential customers on Instagram.

To project the image you desire, you need to choose the type of photos and videos you will be sharing as well as the color palette that will characterize your account and content. This will help your profile maintain a consistent look and feel that suits your targets.

Additionally, make users feel hooked when they visit your profile by writing catchy and engaging descriptions. Give them a reason to spend some extra time on your profile as studies indicate that most users have little on-page time. we If a user likes an account, at first sight, there’s a high chance they will click the follow button and look out for your subsequent posts.

Decide the hashtags to use – Hashtags are one of the tools that can help boost the visibility of your brand as they makes it easy for users to find you. They can also increase the rate of engagements on your posts more than posts without them by up to 12 percent.

Your hashtags should serve any of the following functions:

  • Describe what’s in your photo
  • Indicate your location
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Relate to your industry
  • Emphasize your niche etc.

You can also add unique, clickable hashtags to your bio so your followers can follow the hashtags and engage you through them.

Use Instagram Stories – People love behind-the-scenes photos as they can easily relate to them and that’s the opportunity Insta-stories provide. You can draw users into your day and let them have a glimpse into how you run your business or how you spend your day. You can also insert personal tips to help your followers and indirectly link it to your business.

Build influencer relationships – Social media influencers typically have a large number of followers, and they can generate a buzz within a short period. Building influencer relationships can help grow the visibility of your business and amplify the message.

In summary, Instagram is experiencing tremendous growth and higher engagement rates. Using the platform can help you build a strong online presence for your brand.