5 Amazing Tips to Grow Your Business on Instagram

5 Amazing Tips to Grow Your Business on Instagram

An often overlooked yet important strategy to use on Instagram is batching, which aims to increase productivity by planning your content posts ahead of time.

With more than 600 million participants across the globe, Instagram has become a primary point of consideration for all classes of businesses.  It is the fastest growing social media channel in the world with more than 300 million daily visitors. With such an army of users, businesses are getting on Instagram and leveraging the opportunities to generate leads, drive sales and boost traffic.

Although Instagram has proven to be a helpful tool for promoting businesses, many brands are struggling to get a grip on how it can grow their brand. To help advance your craft on Instagram and achieve real progress in a short period, here are our top five recommendations.

Use your PC while crafting an Instagram post

Crafting an Instagram post via a PC can make posting easy and help you save a lot of time. This is because editing your pictures with a computer is faster than using a phone and most Instagram tools keep you from the stress of transferring your photos from a computer to your phone. Additionally, since a PC has a bigger screen, you can pay close attention to the details of your pictures or articles, notice the errors or imperfections you could have otherwise missed, and let your creativity flow through in a way that appeals to your audience.

Repost quickly without permission

You can repost content that highlights your product, handle or branded hashtag, especially those created by one of your customers, as this is referred to as free marketing.   A brilliant way to share user-generated content (which is more trusted than the non-user-generated materials) is by reporting images from your forum. By reposting Instagram content, you can increase your Instagram followers by as much as 500 percent in six months or less. Don’t know how to repost pictures? The best way to repost them is by taking a screenshot using your phone; crop the image, copy and paste the caption, then publish the image.

Design a layout for your image

It is very important to plan your post before allowing them to go live on Instagram; this is because Instagram has become a competitive platform where people post only the best pictures. Having a well-planned gallery will help you post the right images.

Use the right tools in separating content creations from engagement: One way to become productive on Instagram is to take it one step at a time because doing several things at the same time will take a longer time to complete a task. For effective Instagram marketing, simply give your attention to creating your contents, then respond to comments and don’t be distracted by notifications.

Create several posts that will last for a week

An often overlooked yet important strategy to use on Instagram is batching which aims to increase productivity. The idea is to carry out a similar task all at the same time to reduce stress and save time. Batching makes the quality of work better and allows you to focus well. You can get started by creating a list of the posts you want to make and researching the topics. Then, write the posts and add your photos, after which you can schedule them to be posted.

Schedule time to engage

Another set of task that you can group is responding to comments and engaging with your users. Consistently responding to the comments of your followers can help you retain their loyalty to your brand as well as win you new customers. By undertaking this, you can control your schedule instead of being dictated by notifications. To do this effectively, try to put off report to your account and schedule 30 minutes to consistently to respond to comments and like posts. Undertaking this will prevent notification from dictating how your day should go.

Also, you can post on supplementary social media pages. Your Instagram post should be seen in other social media accounts to widen your reach.  This helps to raise the impact of your content and saves you time on creating new ones

Growing your business on Instagram requires no magic. By taking actions on these listed tips you can take your business to new heights in a short time and with minimal efforts.