10 Best Travel Destinations That You Should Actually Explore

10 Best Travel Destinations That You Should Actually Explore

Needless to say, any kind of travel is better than none!

Travel is universal but the truth is, everyone has a slightly different view in terms of the best way to experience the world. That is to say, while some folk prefer an independent road trip, others are more interested in taking tours and while many tourists prefer city destinations, just as many enjoy getting away from civilization altogether. Needless to say, any kind of travel is better than none!

Anyway, in this article, we will explore ten of the best travel destinations in the world with a particular focus on certain styles or types of adventure that you might be yearning to find:

Quick Answer: Best Travel Destinations in the World

  1. Best City Destination for Excursions – Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Best Urban Experience Destination – New York in the United States
  3. Best Wildlife Destination – Serengeti National Park in Tanzania
  4. Best Local Experience Destination – Sapa in the Northern Mountains of Vietnam
  5. Best Island Destination – Dublin and the West of Ireland
  6. Best Adventure Destination – Machu Picchu in Peru
  7. Best Destination to Have “Fun” – Las Vegas in United States
  8. Best Outdoors Destination – Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada
  9. Best Historical Destination – Luxor, Cairo and the Pyramids of Egypt
  10. Best Road Trip Destination – The Amalfi Coast in Italy

10 Best Travel Destinations in the World

  1. Best City Destination for Excursions – Cape Town in South Africa

In many ways, Cape Town is the “New York” of South Africa and a travel destination with endless excursions. That is to say, there is simply no end of things to do in the city and the range of day tours in particular never fails to amaze visitors. One day you might be braving a Great White Shark Dive in Hermanus or sipping wine in Stellenbosch while the next you could be standing on the edge of the world at Cape of Good Hope or taking a trip to Robben Island, the famous prison where Nelson Mandela was held.

And then there is the city itself, for Cape Town is a beautiful microcosm of everything you might find in South Africa. As you might expect, the city is overflowing with lavish hotels and for backpackers, there is also a large number of hostels. Featuring world class restaurants and vibrant bars, Long Street offers the perfect hotspot for party goers. Meanwhile the V&A Waterfront is a much calmer place to explore and an interesting place to take a stroll on a sunny day.

That being said, Cape Town is also one of the most scenic cities in the world. Table mountain stands tall behind the city and with ocean vistas all around, there are few cityscapes this spectacular. You can even take a cable car up Table Mountain for further views while the nearby hills are perfect for hiking. All considered, this is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world and arguably the best city to go exploring.

  1. Best Urban Experience Destination – New York in the United States

For many tourists, setting foot on Times Square and looking up at the lights is a monumental moment. After all, most people grow up with the movies and Times Square on New York is used so often that even the name can evoke great excitement. However, this iconic square is only just the beginning.

It’s called the “city that never sleeps” for good reason and New York is certainly worth of the reputation. Whether you want to stay out all night or not, there is no end of places to see and things to do. From Ellis Island and the 9/11 Memorial Museum to Central Park, Radio City and the Empire State Building; the attractions are endless.  And then the nightlife really does live up to the reputation, for aside from the obvious nightclubs or bars, you also have Broadway and the most incredible theatre to explore!

New York is also a dream for food lovers as the melting pot of culture translates to an immense variety of food. If you step into Little Italy, the Pizza is delightful while bagel shops and food trucks seem to fill up everywhere in between. On Times Square you can sample some of the best steakhouses on the planet and as for tacos, Los Tacos No.1 is as good as you’ll find anywhere in the United States. Indeed, they call it the city that never sleeps and New York never fails to live up to the hype.

  1. Best Wildlife Destination – Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

Did you know that the Serengeti is where the very first human remains were found? It’s true, Olduvai Gorge is an archaeological site in the Serengeti where visitors can stand over an enormous gorge and imagine the very first humans walking the earth. That being said, there is much more to the region than ancient bones and historical learnings.

In fact, few destinations are touched with the same sense of intrigue and mystery as Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Located just west of snow-capped Kilimanjaro, Serengeti NP is the most famous park in the world and home to endless colorful wildlife including buffalo, leopard, elephant hippo and lion. Needless to say, the animals alone make this one of the best travel destinations in the world.

As if that’s not enough, this is also where you can find an impressive lineup of isolated campsites and luxury tented camps. For this reason, whether you opt for luxury or a primitive spot of camping, the wildlife and wilderness experience in the Serengeti is unrivaled throughout Africa.

But wait there’s more…

When you venture into the Serengeti, you will also take a trip into Ngorongoro Crater. Although this is the largest unbroken caldera on the planet, the real beauty of this spectacle lies inside. After all, hordes of animals live down there and the crater walls provide a truly unique backdrop for a wildlife safari.

  1. Best Local Experience Destination – Sapa in Vietnam

Phuket and Koh Tao are often the bucket list destinations in Southeast Asia but Vietnam is slowly gaining a reputation for being even more enticing. When it comes to the food experience, there are also few that can match the Vietnamese and the tourist infrastructure is second to none.

But where should you go in Vietnam? Indeed, for a country with so much to offer, the most difficult decision can be choosing the best place to go. However, one destination really does stick out and offers up a truly magical encounter to the intrepid traveler.

Sapa is a mountainous region in the very north of Vietnam. Situated high up in the clouds, these hills are home to many indigenous tribes and colorful homes. In the surrounding hills, rice paddies, forests and rolling fields offer the perfect place to go trekking while the jaw dropping views are some of the most spectacular in all of Southeast Asia. Also, whether you yearn for an authentic home stay experience, colorful markets, or  encounters with the most remote peoples in Vietnam – Sapa is the place to be!

  1. Best Island Destination – Dublin and the West of Ireland

Now: You might expect Bali, Zanzibar, Hawaii or another beach destination to be our best island destination. However, while Ireland may not be famous for beaches or warm weather, there is more than enough on the island to make up for it!

As you may know, the Emerald Isle is quite a small island and one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. For traveling Americans, this is often an excuse to uncover their ancestry but the truth is, even without this connection, Ireland has more than enough attraction, intrigue and interesting places to see.

Starting in Dublin, it’s clear that the capital is not merely another European city but rather; a living breathing organism with a hugely colorful past. Walking through the Guinness factory, you can learn about the origin of the worlds most famous beer while just across the road, Kilmainham Jail offers an incredible insight into the history of Dublin. Later, you can enter Christchurch, one of the oldest structures in Europe and further on, the lively Temple Bar area is a great introduction to Irish music.

At the same time, Ireland is such a small landmass that within just two hours, you can find yourself on the opposite coastline. In case you might be asking yourself, the west of Ireland is famous for cottages, castles and luscious green landscapes. Many Game of Thrones fans will fall in love with the castles in particular but the truth is, the rolling landscapes are just as interesting as anything you will find on them.

Standing 700 feet above the raging Atlantic Ocean, the Cliffs of Moher are a truly awe-inspiring sight and just another reason why Ireland is one of the most appealing travel destinations in the world.

  1. Best Adventure Destination – Machu Picchu in Peru

Aguas Calientes is a small town in Peru which is best known for being the starting point for travelling to Machu Picchu. Interestingly, this town can also be described as a bit of an oasis, for rivers, cliffs and tall peaks separate Aguas Calientes from the rest of the world.

As already mentioned, many tourists choose the town as a base of visiting the famous Inca village but even the town if cull of surprises. After all, this is where you can find some of the most authentic Peruvian food and drink such as baked chicken, fried trout and the infamous pisco sours. Meanwhile, sitting in the nearby hot springs with jaw-dropping mountains overhead is an experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

That being said, Machu Picchu is undoubtedly the main attraction and visitors start in Aguas Calientes and take a long distance hike to this village called the Inca Trail. Needless to say, there is plenty of hiking and outdoor adventure involved and the scenery is nothing short of breath-taking. Also known as “The Lost City of the Incas”, this village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features an incredible number of fascinating remnants. In fact, more than 500 years have passed since the village was inhabited but the enchanting place still feels alive to those who walk through it.  

As you may know, Machu Picchu is an official Wonder of the World but regardless, this is certainly one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world.

  1. Best Destination to Have “Fun” – Las Vegas in United States

Simply put, there is nowhere on the planet that offers as much “fun” as Las Vegas. Situated in middle of the Nevada Desert, this vibrant city is known for lavish hotels, busy casinos and all-you-can-eat buffets but really, there is something for everyone in town. When it comes to shows, only Broadway in New York can rival “Sin City” and it is here, on the Vegas strip, where you will find all of the best theatrical shows on earth. From Wicked and Chicago to the Lion King and Frozen; the variety of shows is astounding.

And then even the hotels are an attraction, for each one has a specific theme and something a little different to offer. For example, at New York, New York, you can board a rollercoaster around the hotel and in the Venetian, you can walk through a replica of the canals in Venice. Planet Hollywood has the usual movie style theme, Hard Rock is music based, Paris feels like Paris and Caesars Palace looks like, you guessed it, Caesars Palace!

Either way, from five star hotels and energetic bars to magical shows and more food options than you can possibly imagine – Las Vegas is one of the most unique travel destinations in the world.

  1. Best Outdoors Destination – Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada

Also known as the old frozen land, Canada is popular ski destination and this is certainly true of Banff in Alberta. However, there is every reason to wait for summer in this part of the world, for the scenery is far more stunning and fine weather makes the outdoors a lot more inviting.

Even though Banff is often compared to a small skiing village in Switzerland, this dramatic pocket of Alberta is in a league of its own. In other words, Banff is often on the front page of world travel magazines and the majestic scenery is usually this very reason. Located in the middle of the Canadian Rockies, the park is covered in pine trees, rugged peaks and pristine, alkaline lakes. While skiing takes centre stage through winter, hiking, boating, fishing and camping activities take over in the warmer months.

As for the town itself, Banff is full of delight with excellent restaurants and lively bars at every turn. Mountain lodges are common in the surrounding mountains but for most guests, the range of hotels is an opportunity to stay close to all the action. Also, Banff is home to the incredibly elegant Fairmont Hotel which offers the perfect luxury base from which to explore the surroundings.

  1. Best Historical Destination – Luxor, Cairo and the Pyramids of Egypt

Have you ever wondered why Egypt is rarely talked about nowadays? Sure, political unrest and social tensions have given tourists reason for concern but really, Egypt is a safe place to travel. More importantly, when it comes to the most exciting travel destinations in the world, Egypt is right up there.

During the 1980’s, the Grand Bazaar in Cairo was often the subject of documentaries on the Travel channel. At that time, tourism was booming in Egypt and attractions such as Luxor Temple or the Pyramids of Giza were crowded to say the least. However, today these historical remnants are almost entirely empty yet still full of the same intrigue and wonder that made them famous.

In short, Egypt is one of the most interesting travel destinations in the world. What’s more, you can now visit them without the crowds and without having to worry about paying for expensive hotels. With this in mind, the best way to travel safely in Egypt is by taking an organized tour. Needless to say, you will have safe transport and professional guides to take you between the major hubs in Egypt such as Cairo and Luxor. Best of all; due to problems in recent years, Egypt is currently a very inexpensive place to travel.

  1. Best Road Trip Destination – The Amalfi Coast in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is the type of destination that looks precisely like the postcard which makes it largely unsurprisingly that the region received more than five million visitors every year. Situated in the Campania region, Amalfi Coast is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and arguably the most scenic travel destination in this part of Europe.

Stretching for 34 miles along the coastline of Italy, the dramatic cliffs of Amalfi are dotted with vegetation and interspersed with beautiful coastal towns. In fact, these towns are usually the first and last thing that visitors notice, for the multicolor facades of Positano and Ravello are perched on the very edge of these cliffs. With the azure waters of the Mediterranean down below, these colorful towns are a photographers dream and a most striking sight.

In total, there are 13 towns on the Amalfi coast with each one offering something a little different. Positano has a reputation for being slightly more glamorous while Ravello offers stunning views and ancient architecture. Meanwhile, the beaches of Praiano are nothing short of pristine while Cetara is home to a tower that was founded by the legend Hercules. These towns are connected by the SS163 Highway which offers a stunning road trip in between. When it comes to food, this is also one of the best places in Italy to sample some local cuisine and as you might expect, there are many hotels and lodges to cater for the demand.

All in all, the Amalfi Coast is a dream travel destination and a pocket of Italy that deserves to be uncovered by the intrepid traveler.

And that’s it – ten exciting travel destinations from around the world! What have I missed? Have you a favorite travel destination? Please let me know in the comments!